Defining Governance and Financing

The African Great Lakes (AGL) span numerous political boundaries. Eleven countries border the seven lakes highlighted on African Great Lakes Inform. Regional institutions are needed to harmonize management efforts across these boundaries. In some locations, regional bodies need to be established, while in others, current regional groups need additional funding to succeed.  The Governance and Financing theme focuses on improving the policies, institutions and processes for resource management in the AGL region by forming appropriate institutions at national, regional, non-governmental or community levels.

Why It Matters

Why It Matters-Governance


Numerous countries sit on the edges of the AGL’s, posing a challenge for management and governance.

Source: 2017 African Great Lakes Conference


The complexity of managing the AGL’s creates a need for conferences that bring stakeholders from across the region together. The 2017 African Great Lakes Conference facilitated successfully collaboration across geographic boundaries.

Source: 2017 African Great Lakes Conference


Scientists, resource managers and leaders all have an interest in governing the AGL’s.

Source: 2017 African Great Lakes Conference

Focus Areas

African Great Lakes Inform provides resources to managers, researchers and stakeholders across the AGL region who are working to improve governance. Entities working on this theme are focused on the following:

  • Demonstrating experiences from other lake basin organizations such as those on the North American Great Lakes, West Africa and Southern Africa
  • Providing case studies and models where stakeholders have successfully participated in lake basin governance and agencies' improved policies, institutions and financing