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Find people, programmes, and plans in the African Great Lakes that can help inform your decisions about natural resource management. Browse the list below or use the filters to discover programmes, funding opportunities, management plans, conceptual models and conservation partnerships relevant to the themes you care about.

A Framework to Incorporate Environmental and Climate Change in Development Planning to Maximise the Potential of the Demographic Dividend in the African Great Lakes (AGL) Region

This document presents a holistic framework for investments in the demographic dividend that articulates these relationships and incorporates environmental and climate change.

A Critical Sites Network for Freshwater Biodiversity in the Lake Victoria Catchment

As part of an IUCN-led project this document outlines optimal solutions for a critical sites network that best represents freshwater biodiversity in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB).

Global Alliance for Water and Climate Incubation Platform

The objective of this Incubation platform is to gather a pool of experts to provide support for the technical and financial development of projects of adaptation to climate change in the AGL basins.

French Water Basin Agency, Integrated Management of Water Resources

The French Water Basin Agency's programs serve as an example of IRWM.

Regional Policy Coordination and Alignment in the Lake Victoria Basin

These policy recommendations aligned and expanded on existing focal policies and plans in the LVB region.

Global Initiative for West, Central and Southern Africa (GI WACAF Project)

The GI WACAF Project aims to assist 22 African countries in strengthening their capacity to prepare for and respond to marine oil spills

Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH)'s Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Program

CTPH's PHE program promotes biodiversity conservation and improved public health.

Niger Basin Authority

The NBA works to ensure cooperative management and development of the Niger River Basin.

Sustainable Finance Mechanisms for Basin Governance in IRWM

This document outlines recommendations for financing integrated water resource management (IWRM) in the African Great Lakes. 
Lake Victoria Basin Commission Logo

Lake Victoria Basin Commission

This partnership provides governance for Lake Victoria and its basin.

Resolution of the African Great Lakes Conference, 2017

The Resolution documents the consensus among participants at the African Great Lakes Conference regarding key African Great Lakes issues and solutions to address these issues.
Logo for African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources

Regional Framework on Environmental Management for Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Africa - Eastern Africa and the Great Lakes Region

This strategic framework and planning document outlined a sustainable fisheries strategy in the African Great Lakes and East Africa.
AU Logo and the NEPAD logo with the text NEPAD Transforming Africa

NEPAD Fish Governance and Trade

This NEPAD programme encourages African countries to implement policies and governance reforms aimed at improving fisheries.
Zentrum fur Entwicklungsforschung Center for Development Research University of Bonn

Conceptual Framework for Assessing the Costs of Action Versus the Costs of Inaction

Scenarios A and B represent two states of the world—one in which action is taken to prevent or mitigate desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) or restore land after DLDD took place (Scenario A), and another in which no action against DLDD has been taken (Scenario B).
ELD above the text the Economics of Land Degradation

Economics of Land Degradation: Conceptual Analysis Framework

This figure, taken from a longer article by the Economics of Land Degradation Initiative (ELD), visually shows the framework proposed by the ELD to begin identifying ecosystem services and assigning value to land.
ELD above the text the Economics of Land Degradation

Economics of Land Degradation: Decision Making Framework

This figure, taken from a longer article by the Economics of Land Degradation Initiative (ELD), visually shows the framework proposed by the ELD for assisting in decision-making around the economics of land.
BirdLife International Logo with a graphic of a bird over the words BirdLife International Together for birds and people

Conservation Strategy for the Great Lakes Region of East and Central Africa

Conservation plan for the African Great Lakes region.
Uganda coat of arms

Uganda Wetlands Atlas

This updated wetlands plan recommends actions for the major wetland districts in Uganda.
Economics of land degradation logo. ELD with a leaf in the D with the words The Economics of Land Degradation

The Economics of Land Degradation in Africa

Three reports addressing ecosystem services and a proposed framework on how to value land and why land valuation is important.
BirdLife International logo

Bird Life Africa Partnership

BirdLife International is a global partnership of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) striving to conserve birds, their habitats, and global biodiversity by working with people toward the sustainable use of natural resources. In Africa, the BirdLife Africa Partnership is a growing network of organizations with more than 500 staff and 87,000 members across the continent.
ARCOS logo

Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS)

This regional conservation organization focuses on biodiversity conservation in the Albertine Rift.
Rufford Foundation logo

Rufford Small Grants

This grant funds nature conservation projects in non-first world countries and provides options to scale up grants through multiple related projects.

Mount Elgon Regional Ecosystem Conservation Programme (MERECP)

MERECP addresses the conservation and development needs of the Mount Elgon ecosystem.

UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative

This is a global United Nations programme that helps countries integrate both pro-poor economic growth and environmental sustainability into planning.

Lake Victoria Catchment Environment Education Programme (LVCEEP)

This is an environmental education programme for school children in the Lake Victoria Basin.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

NatureUganda and Lake Victoria Environmental Education Project programme to educate children and communities on health and sustainable development.

Animal Resource Production Systems and Ecosystem Management Programme

This programme implements the goals for sustainable management of fisheries, animal production systems and other resources set forth in the AU-IBAR Strategic Plan.

Habitat Restoration Initiative (HARI) for Eastern Africa

This programme works with communities to protect and conserve indigenous plants and animals in eastern Africa.

NEPAD Food and Nutrition Security Programme

This program strives to reduce hunger and malnutrition of the vulnerable populations using evidence-based policies and programmes

NEPAD Rural Futures Programme

This programme works to promote well-being and gainful employment of rural populations.
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