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Projects allows you to find and share information about restoration projects in the African Great Lakes. Browse the list below or use the filters to discover relevant projects. To see the location of each project, visit the Project Mapper.

The Utility of the Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) Approach: A Case Study of Kenya’s Internal and Transboundary Lakes

This research explores governance and management challenges using Kenya’s internal and transboundary lakes as a case study, and examines how the Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) conceptual framework can ensure sustainability of the lakes and their supporting natural and built infrastructure.

Integrated Approach to Managing Fisheries for Livelihood and Biodiversity Conservation in Southern Lake Malawi

his research project discusses the progress made to date in implementing fisheries biodiversity management and conservation measures and shares lessons on the participatory identification of fisheries biodiversity threats and governance challenges.

A Taskforce Approach for Sustainable Fisheries Management of Lake Victoria

This study, conducted in the three Lake Victoria riparian countries through literature review, field visits and interviews showed a need for a new approach for monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) that is inclusive and tenable, in the effort to eliminate illegal fishing and trade to achieve sustainable management of the lake’s fisheries.

The Silent “Coup” on African Great Lakes as Small Pelagic Species Take Over Fisheries

This research project presents trends in species composition, annual catches and biomass estimates to illustrate how small pelagic species have increased in contribution to overtake large fishes in the AGLs.

Dynamics of Fish Stocks and Commercial Fisheries in Lake Victoria, East Africa: Implications for Management

This research reviews the available data on the current status of the fisheries of three major fish species in Lake Victoria and proposed management measures in line with sustainable exploitation to support wealthy creation and nutritional security.

Ecological Risks of Net Pen Aquaculture in North American and African Great Lakes: Can BMPs Be Shared?

Researchers identified nine generic BMPs that could be applied to all Global Great Lakes.

Development of Best Practices for Cage Fish Farming to Increase Fish Production

This research project proposes best practices for cage fish farming.

Fish and Fisheries in the Lake Malawi: An Assessment of Four Decades of Management Interventions

This research effort describes the evolution of fisheries in Lake Malawi, describes the responses by the small-scale fishery to the serial depletion of resources, and assesses the efficacy of management interventions to highlight some of the realities of trying to manage fisheries in this developing country context.

Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing on Africa’s Great Lakes

This research project provides an overview of the extent of IUU fishing on the African Great Lakes.

Food Security, Co-management and the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries

This research project explores whether small-scale fisheries, operating without minimum size regulations, would end up catching both small and large fish in proportion to their productivities.

Cage Culture in Lake Victoria: A Saviour or a Disaster in Waiting?

This research project reviews trends of aquaculture production in Kenya, capture fishery and emergence of cage culture in Lake Victoria.

Fishing with Impunity: Failure of Beach Management Units in Lake Victoria, Kenya

The research effort looks at the trends in fishing effort and landings from 2000 to 2014 in relation to the performance of the BMUs since they were put in place.

Can Fisheries Management in the Great Lakes of Africa Contribute to Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

This research project explores the ecosystem services provided by the AGLs, how they have been degraded by anthropogenic pressures, and how we may address them, particularly while achieving the SDGs.

Linkages Between Climate Variability and Change and Migration, Public and Reproductive Health in Lake Chilwa Basin in Southern Malawi

This study investigated people’s perceptions and understanding on the linkages between climate variability and change and public and reproductive health in Southern Malawi.

Multisectoral Integration and SDGs Implementation: Lessons from PHE Programming

This research project examines one approach, PHE, which could offer important lessons for integrated SDGs policy planning and programming.

The Power of PHE Integration in Wetland Rehabilitation: The Case of Integrated Wetland-Watershed Management in Ethiopia

This research project examines the intervention work of the PHE approach in rehabilitating the wetland and changing the life of the community in the Metu district, Ethiopia.

Mahale Mountains National Park as a Model for Conserving Aquatic Habitats and Biodiversity

The objective of this study was to evaluate the benefits of the national park protections for aquatic habitats, water quality, and littoral fauna.

The Geographical and Genomic Structure of Endemic Fish Diversity in the Lake Victoria Basin

This research project provides a reconstruction of the evolutionary history of the cichlid radiations of the Lake Victoria region and makes recommendations for steps towards an integrated conservation assessment.

Scenarios to Improve Ecological Service Delivery and Conservation Values in the Northern Nyasa Basin

This project used spatial models to prioritize areas for planning and management.

Challenges and Benefits to Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of Rapidly Expanding Cage Aquaculture in Lake Victoria

The coupled human and natural system described here explores ecosystem services by linking human food security and wild fisheries through physical and economic changes brought about by escalating cage aquaculture.

Wildlife Conservation Co-Existence with Oil and Gas Mining: A Case Study From Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

Researchers studied the spatial distribution of large mammals in Murchison Falls National Park in north-western Uganda during oil exploration.

Impacts of Climate Change on the Water Balance in Lake Victoria

This research highlights the need for improved high resolution rainfall models for Lake Victoria.

Climate Change Resilience in the Fishing Communities along Lake Malawi

The study aimed at building climate change resilience in the Malawi’s fisheries sector.

Lake Level Fluctuations, Ecological Attributes and Fish Productivity in African Lakes and Reservoirs

This study explored the relationship between inter- and intra-annual water level fluctuations and sixteen ecological attributes associated with ecosystem configuration, productivity and maturity.

Monitoring Climate Change and Anthropic Pressure at Lake Tanganyika

This research project investigates on previous and present monitoring in relation particularly with fisheries, climate, and water quality to identify best adapted strategies for such a wide lake.

Climate Change, Agriculture, and Sustainability of the East African Great Lakes

This research looks at the climate change pressures facing the AGLs and considers needed economic responses.

Earth System Model Predictions of Climate and Environmental Changes in Great Lakes Watersheds to the Year 2100

Researchers here use the Community Earth System Model to generate depictions of environmental futures under climate change specifically to serve stakeholder needs for each of the major Great Lake watersheds.
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