Under the stewardship of The Nature Conservancy, the Lake Tanganyika Authority Secretariat and the 2017 African Great Lakes Conference steering committee, African Great Lakes Inform (AGLI) is taking a Great Lakes to Great Lakes approach – combining the strength of our collective global experience, knowledge and partnerships to establish an internet based information exchange platform. As part of this approach, AGLI staff come from both the North American and the African Great Lakes.

The Nature Conservancy currently staffs and manages African Great Lakes Inform. New regional owners are anticipated to take over in early 2018.

AGLI Project Advisors

Colin Apse

Freshwater Conservation Director, The Nature Conservancy Africa Program

Patrick Doran

Associate State Director, The Nature Conservancy Michigan Chapter

AGLI Project Team

Sandy Carter

African Great Lakes Inform Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy Michigan Chapter

Stephanie Simowski

African Great Lakes Inform Platform Manager, The Nature Conservancy Michigan Chapter

Sarah Hagen

African Great Lakes Inform 2017 Content Fellow, The Nature Conservancy Illinois Chapter/LANDFIRE Team