Authored by Brad Czerniak

This GIS project was completed as part of the Conservation Leadership Programme's (CLP) internship program. CLP supports projects that develop the skills of early career conservationists working to conserve the planet's most threatened species and habitats. This project focused on developing an intern's skills in geospatial mapping analysis, while also supporting the BirdLife Africa Secretariat in this important area of work. Using the Climate Resilient Altitudinal Gradient (CRAG) model, a CRAG Intervention Plan for the Lake Kivu Rusizi River catchments was produced that presented spatial explicit recommendations on priority interventions. Building upon this, further in-depth analyses was undertaken of the Lake Kivu Rusizi River catchments and of areas with specific interest, in addition to exploring opportunities for scaling-up the CRAG approach beyond the Lake Kivu Rusizi River catchments.