Authored by jndiba

The project intends to achieve its objectives through:

  • 1) Improving collaboration with tour operators to jointly map out ways of promoting pro-poor community tourism this to be implemented through dialogue meetings and joint planning workshops;
  • 2) Expanding the tourism base to reduce the pressure on the wetland resource that is likely to increase with the increasing in-flow of tourists, this to involve Community mapping of potential tourist attractions in the vicinity in joint exercises between tour companies, tourist guides, and the community with the help of a professional facilitator;

    3) Documentation of Indigenous knowledge to further inform conservation efforts and appeal to more community support, this to be done using volunteers and the Eco-tourism Centre Management Committee to develop a data bank of indigenous knowledge for education, research, tourism and conservation values;

    4) Institutional Development and further cohesion building within Mabamba Wetland eco-tourism Association (MWETA)through participatory planning, review meetings and training programs.

Funding Amount