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Using science and community approaches to fight climate change

Authored by Providence Akayezu

Climate change is affecting the livelihoods of the population around the world. Challenging situations require innovative interventions and BirdLife is working hand in hand with local communities, who have unique knowledge of their landscapes, to build alternatives in Rwanda and Burundi.

HoPE-LVB: Integrated Programming in Homa Bay County

Authored by Evans A.K. Miriti

Communities in and around the Lake Victoria Basin experience a number of interconnected challenges, including dependence on diminishing natural resources, persistent poverty, food insecurity, poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes and inaccessible health services. At the same time, the ecosystem itself is being overused and destroyed.

Scaling Up Community Actions for International Waters Management

Authored by Evans A.K. Miriti

The GEF Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) supported 265 communities and civil society organizations in 83 countries to avoid or reduce 167,199 tons of waste from entering waterbodies and supported the sustainable management of 164,169 hectares of marine and coastal areas and fishing grounds, and 264,822 hectares of river and lake basins through community interventions.

Lake Albert

Authored by Evans A.K. Miriti

Lake Albert is shared between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The lake's water is mainly controlled by the Nile River. Population density in some parts of the lake basin is as high as 149 people/km2. The population growth rate is also quite high. Many people around the lake lack access to clean drinking water, improved sanitation and improved health facilities. This results in a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and water related diseases. Lake Albert has a lower fish diversity than other African Great Lakes, but a high fish catch and dependence on fishing for livelihoods.

Lake Edward

Authored by Evans A.K. Miriti

Lake Edward is the smallest among the African Great Lakes, but its basin includes the highly productive Lake George. The majority of the population along the lake lack clean water and have poor sanitation. The basin is home to 81 fish species and the lake's productive fisheries employ around 2000 fishers. Two National Parks, Virunga NP and Queen Elizabeth NP) border the lake, making this area a valuable tourism stop.