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HoPE-LVB: Gender Equality

Authored by Evans A.K. Miriti

The HoPE-LVB: Gender Equality project works to promote gender equality in the Lake Victoria basin by training women and young mothers on how to integrate health and conservation practices and facilitating community dialogue sessions around the intersection of gender, sexual and reproductive health and the environment. Their work is empowering women and helps to bridge gender gaps and encourage input and support from all the members of the community.

Malawi Approves Fisheries and Forestry Policies

Authored by Evans A.K. Miriti

The UNDP-UNEP Poverty Environment Initiative worked with the Government of Malawi to create revised policies for fisheries and forestry in order to produce better management of resources and encourage sustainable livelihoods. The project encouraged the government to engage stakeholders from various community groups in drafting the policies, which allowed local community leaders to provide a voice and offer their unique insights on how the policies should be shaped.