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The African Great Lakes Information Platform (African Great Lakes Inform) is a free, online platform designed to raise awareness of conservation and resource management challenges and activities ongoing in the African Great Lakes region. The Information Platform is a “first-stop” shop to find, share, and access information that helps you address key African Great Lakes issues.


Site Design

The African Great Lakes Information Platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of stakeholders, researchers, resource managers, conservationists, and others concerned with the conservation and management of Africa’s Great Lakes. The streamlined approach the African Great Lakes Information Platform takes to information management encourages breakthroughs in spreading awareness of landscape-scale issues and sharing information for addressing these issues. The site provides a space for those working on conservation issues across the African Great Lakes basin to share data and information, in order to increase the effectiveness of conservation actions in the region. Future versions of the African Great Lakes Information Platform will also allow users to share and track progress towards regional goals, fully supporting efficient landscape-scale conservation efforts. For more information on the features on the African Great Lakes Information Platform, visit How to Use this Site.


Regional Context

The African Great Lakes Information Platform is responding to a call for improved and dedicated information management and delivery in the African Great Lakes region. Across the eleven countries of the African Great Lakes Region, many organizations, institutions, and individuals are working to address conservation challenges at a variety of scales. Regional, national, and local authorities as well as numerous non-governmental organizations, are collectively investing hundreds of millions of dollars each year to conserve and restore the African Great Lakes ecosystem. To successfully accomplish their objectives, these stakeholders must partner with one another while also considering multiple species, habitats, ecosystem processes, and socioeconomic values simultaneously. In response to this complexity, resource managers and conservation practitioners have developed and adopted management processes like ecosystem management, landscape conservation, and strategic adaptive management to guide their regional work.

All of these management processes require a continuous supply of data and knowledge, accompanied by up-to-date information about progress towards regional goals. Measured individually and locally, many of the programmes implemented are successful in addressing specific, small-scale issues. However, because these programmes are initiated, funded, and measured by many different entities and on various scales, the African Great Lakes region lacks a basin-wide view of the progress being made toward large-scale, overarching desired outcomes.

Historically, we have lacked the information infrastructure to facilitate increased collaboration among stakeholders and address fragmented development efforts through information dissemination. The African Great Lakes Information Platform fills this gap between information development and information management to facilitate progress toward achieving landscape-scale conservation outcomes. The current version of the site shares data and resources, while future versions of the site may add critical goal and progress tracking functions.