Sharing information resources on conservation and development work in the African Great Lakes helps foster collaborative and more strategic efforts.

There are many existing partnerships, plans, reports, decision tools and other valuable information resources that can help inform strategic decision making to address conservation and development. On this page we bring these information resources together with brief descriptions and direct links to help you quickly find those resources that meet your individual needs.

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HoPE-LVB: Integrated Programming in Homa Bay County

Communities in and around the Lake Victoria Basin experience a number of interconnected challenges, including dependence on diminishing natural resources, persistent poverty, food insecurity, poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes and inaccessible health services. At the same time, the ecosystem itself is being overused and destroyed.

Cross-Border Conflicts and their Resolution: Burundians and Congolese Exchange Learning Visit on Lake Tanganyika Fishing, 2015

In 2015, as part of the ongoing cross-border efforts, Burundians and Congolese came together to share experiences and find solutions to fish management on Lake Tanganyika.